Call Mrs. Hier at 215-853-1401 or email [email protected] to report your student absent or tardy.


Please leave parent/guardian name, student name, reason for absence and date.

Due to a recent change in federal regulations, it is imperative that we receive a phone call, written note or e-mail for all absences. To prevent further action, please contact the Northbridge attendance office, at 215-853-1401, as students with 3 unexcused absences will be scheduled for an attendance improvement conference with school officials. Students with 6 unexcused absences will be classified as habitually truant.

NPSD Permissible Reasons For Absence From School:

1. Personal Illness

2. Quarantine of the individual's home

3. Death in the immediate family

4. Impassable roads

5. Educational trip with parent or guardian. This must include a written request and pre-approval by administration

6. Religious holiday

7. Suspension from school

8. Required court appearance

9. Exceptional urgent reasons that must pertain to student as determined by the Principal

Please call the office at 215-853-1401 with questions.